Barcode Generator

Need barcodes? This easy-to-use form will get you printing and scanning barcodes in no time.

Use this free generator to create barcodes for product identification, Lean logistics, inventory management, asset tracking, and more!

How to Use a Barcode Generator:

  1. Select your desired barcode type (symbology) from the drop-down menu. Code 128, the most common type, is set as the default.
  2. Enter in the text that you wish to be encoded into the barcode (being aware of capital letters and lowercase since barcodes are case sensitive).
  3. Customize the barcode height, margin, and width of the spacing between the bars.
  4. Format the text to meet your desired appearance (bold, italics, text height, alignment, and margin spacing).
  5. Download the barcode as PNG or SVG to print.

Choosing the right symbology:

There are many different types of barcodes that are referred to as symbologies and offer different ways of encoding the data. Most commonly known types of barcodes include QR codes and UPCs, but there are plenty more to learn about. The best symbology for an organization to use will depend on factors such as whether the barcode data is numeric or alphabetic and how these can be scanned by computer systems.

The term symbology refers to the mapping between information and barcodes, being comparable to different languages since the symbols have certain specifications that explain how to decode the stored data. The different barcodes can be split by the different information categories they include, with defining factors being what each bar width and space means, the amount of data needing to be stored, and the size of the quiet zone which surrounds the barcode, and the check digit.

To pick the best barcode for your organization, here are the key symbologies: