Chemical Labeling

  •  GHS Labels - LT6/LT9 (Version 1)

     GHS Die-Cut - LT6/LT9 (Version 1)   GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System and is a labeling method for communicating potential hazards related to chemicals (similar to NFPA, RTK, or color bar labeling). It is emerging as a true global... More details

  • NFPA/RTK Labels

    LabelTac® NFPA Labels LabelTac® NFPA Labels are designed with a pre-printed, multi-color diamond for visual communication of chemical safety information. Simply print the required information onto the label for professional, long-lasting... More details

  • RTK "Color Bar" Labels

    "Right-to-Know" (RTK) labels are formatted for high-readability and OSHA compliance. Pre-printed with standardized hazardous material classification bars. Print on "Health," "Flammability" and "Reactivity" classification levels permanently to avoid... More details

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