LabelTac® Ammonia Sticker Pack

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LabelTac Ammonia Sticker Pack

Labeling ammonia pipes visually communicates to employees which chemicals they’re working with or around to help prevent hazards and injuries. While it’s necessary to follow standard ammonia labeling requirements, it can be difficult to design the specific ammonia pipe marking label you need.

With the easy-to-use Ammonia Sticker Pack, you can create fully customizable ammonia labels with the pre-printed stickers included in the kit. Simply choose from the selection of stickers that represents the physical state (whether it’s a liquid or vapor) and pressure level of the ammonia, then adhere to your orange or yellow ammonia label.


  • Each pack includes Liquid, Vapor, Low, and High stickers
  • Choose between two sticker pack options for either Yellow or Orange ammonia labels.
  • Stickers made using industrial LabelTac Indoor/Outdoor vinyl
  • Resistant to Water, Chemicals, and UV exposure
  • Available in 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes

LabelTac® Ammonia Sticker Pack

LabelTac® Ammonia Sticker Pack


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