LabelTac® Industrial Label & Sign Printers

LabelTac® industrial printers simplify facility labeling. With these label makers, you can create long-lasting, vinyl signs and labels, whenever you need them. Select one our popular compact models or our large-format sign printers. Then start making labels for OSHA compliance, safety labeling, organization, and more. To create labels ideal for your facility's environment, choose from dozens of specialty supply options.

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  • Supply Life Guarantee - 5 year guaranteed outdoor life on most supplies. Details
Special Offer LabelTac 4 Label Printer

LabelTac® 4

Popular entry-level system.

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Compatible with 1/2" - 4" LabelTac® Supplies

New Model LabelTac Pro X Label Printer

LabelTac® Pro X

Easy loading, top performance.

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Compatible with 1/2" - 4" LabelTac® Supplies

Find the right supplies for your labels

LabelTac Product Catalog

Customize your printing experience with over two dozen specialty label supplies to meet the needs of your facility.

Large Format LabelTac 6 Printer

LabelTac® 6

Versatile printing, easy loading.

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Compatible with 2" - 6" LabelTac® Supplies

Large Format LabelTac 9 Label and Sign Printer

LabelTac® 9

Create industrial signs up to 9".

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Compatible with 4" - 9" LabelTac® Supplies

Bundle & save.

Not sure where to start? LabelTac® Bundles are a great option. They come with a printer, software, and all the supplies you need for specific applications – and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

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