Durable Plastic Valve Tags - Rectangle - 25 pack

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Durable Plastic Valve Tags - 25 Per Pack

Available in 2 sizes: 7" x 4" and 3" x 4"
Five color choices: White, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red

Record important information on pipes and valves with these tags.
They feature a unique write-on surface that accepts permanent marker.

They are also a perfect tag to apply outdoor durable labels to that are made with our LabelTac® Industrial Label Printers.
Easily print important information on demand, stick the labels to these durable plastic valve tags, and hang them anywhere!

These plastic tags are constructed of .020" thick plastic.
5 ANSI colors are available, or you can get a package of assorted colors.
Each package contains 25 tags.

Another option to make custom tags: 
Use the LabelTac® printable Tear Resistant Tag Stock material. You can print directly onto our 10 mil thick tag stock material using a LabelTac® Printer.

(Example of the LabelTac® printable Tear Resistant Tag Stock material below)

Durable Plastic Valve Tags - Rectangle - 25 pack

Durable Plastic Valve Tags - Rectangle - 25 pack


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