Creating Pipe Marking Labels with LabelSuite™



Creating Pipe Marking Labels with LabelSuite™

Pipe marking is a critical part of visual communication in the workplace. Properly marked pipes give workers, visitors, and first responders important information about a pipe’s contents.

Making ANSI/ASME 13.1 compliant pipe markers in LabelSuite™ is a simple process when you know your pipe’s dimensions and contents. First, open LabelSuite™, and click "Use a Label Assistant". Select "Pipe Labeling" to enter the editor.

Typing into the text field will update our preview instantly. LabelSuite™ automatically ensures that the text to height ratio and the color combination is ANSI/ASME 13.1 compliant. This makes it easy to determine which label color would be appropriate for our application. There is a wealth of information available on pipe marking standards. A helpful guide can be found on our website here. In this example, we will select green, for “other water.” We can also consult our guide to determine which label size is needed for our pipe’s diameter. Finally, we can add arrows, and set them to reflect the direction of our pipe’s flow.

We are now ready to print our label. With LabelSuite™, you will never be outside of pipe marking regulations. For more information, visit

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