Getting Started with LabelSuite™



Getting Started with LabelSuite™

Making labels with LabelSuite™ software is simple and intuitive. Start by opening your LabelSuite™ software. Click create a new label to start a new label or sign. From here choose your supply type from the dropdown menu. Then choose the color of your label as well as your ribbon color. Set your desired label size and length and when you're create click create label. Use the insert menu to add text, symbols pictures and other content to your design.

Let's start by using the scaleable text tool to quickly add some text. To edit the contents of the text box, simply double click on it and type your message. You can change the appearance of your text by using the format menu. you can do things like bolden your text, italicize or underline it as well as adjust things like alignment and line spacing. Use the ratio button to toggle between stretched text and the original aspect ratio.

Let's add a symbol to finish this label. Click the symbol button the click local to browse the included library of symbols. You can browse by category or simply use the search bar to find your symbols. Once you've found the right symbol, click insert symbol. Resize as needed. You can hold down shift to lock the aspect ratio as you resize the object. Once you're ready, go to the print menu, select the number of copies and click print.

You can use the save menu to save the label for later. You can recall previously saved labels by clicking on your label library. In here, you'll find all your saved labels as well as hundreds of label templates that come preloaded. You can either edit the labels if needed or print directly from this menu. If the preview looks good, select your options and click print.

The print job will go to your LabelTac® printer and you'll have professional, durable labels in an instant. If you have any questions, give us a call and one of our label experts will help you get set up and going.

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