Low Halide Supply


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Low Halide Supply
  • Low Halide Supply
  • Low Halide Supply
  • Low Halide Supply
  • Low Halide Supply
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    LabelTac® Low Halide Supply

    Many adhesive labels contain halogens, which are known to be corrosive to stainless steel. Common ingredients in adhesive include iodine, bromine, chlorine, and fluorine, all of which are elements of halogen. This Low Halide supply of labels was created specifically with low levels of halogen, so if you have stainless steel equipment or surfaces in your workplace, you can protect them from corrosion as you still provide the communication and information your workers need. These labels are especially useful for pipe marking applications, as the supply helps to prevent pipes from suffering corrosion due to labeling.


    Outdoor Life Rating 5+ years
    Optimal Temp. Range -40° to 180°
    Min. Application Temp. 46°
    Thickness 2.8 mil
    • Designed specifically with low levels of halogen
    • Will not cause corrosive damage to stainless steel
    • Min. application temp: 46°F
    • Service temperature range: -40°F to 180°F
    • Shelf life (unused): 1 year

    ASTM C871 Data:

    • Chloride: <5.0ppm
    • Fluoride: 7.2ppm
    • Silicon: <5.0ppm
    • Sodium: <5.0ppm

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    Low Halide Supply

    Low Halide Supply


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