UL 969 Approved - LabelTac® Supply

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UL 969 Approved - LabelTac Supply
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Recognized under UL 969 (also known as ANSI 969), this labeling supply meets UL standards and will endure various types of stressors and extreme environments. Our UL Approved supply is tested and made to endure and outlast conditions that are normally harsher on standard labels, such as extreme heat and acidic chemicals. 



  • 150 ft. per roll
  • 0.5" - 4" widths available
  • 2 mils thick
  • Holds up to extreme conditions
  • Permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Resists mild acids, alkalis, salt solutions
  • UL (ANSI) Approved

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UL 969 Approved - LabelTac Supply

UL 969 Approved - LabelTac Supply


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