Creating 5S/6S Labels with LabelSuite™



Creating 5S/6S Labels with LabelSuite™

Labels and signs are a critical part of any 5S or 6S program. Sorting and standardizing a workplace would be impossible without clear, visible labels and signs. With LabelSuite™, it’s easy to create labels and signs, enhance organization, and indicate where items should be stored.

For this example, let’s make a label for this tool chest. Open LabelSuite™ and click create a new label. Select the type of supply you have loaded, the ribbon color, and the size from the drop-down menu. You can also select your supply by part number here.

Now we can add our text. Click to add scalable text, then begin typing to insert your message. Let’s change the font size and make it bold. Symbols can be added from the insert tab. Select local, and search for the appropriate symbol. Once we are satisfied with our label, we can move on to the print tab.

For a more detailed introduction to LabelSuite™, check out our Getting Started video here. We are not ready to print our 5S or 6S label.

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