Industrial Label Protection

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Industrial Label Protection
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Industrial Label Protection - Now in 2 sizes!

This is the perfect way to protect your LabelTac® signs and labels that you have placed on a floor or in extremely harsh environments. Industrial Label Protection is great for areas with heavy traffic from pedestrians or even forklifts. It will help keep your labels and signs looking their best, even if they experience the daily abuse of a factory or manufacturing facility.
Installation suggestion: Select a size 1-2" wider than the label you are protecting so there is some overlap for added protection.
Protection Features:
  • 6 mil thick (75' rolls) & 12 mils thick (50' rolls), impact and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Slightly textured, UL-rated, slip-resistant surface
  • You cut the material to the exact length you need, means less waste
  • Peel-and-stick application 
  • Many widths available
  • Cost savings by extending the life of signs and labels placed on floors

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Industrial Label Protection

Industrial Label Protection


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