LabelTac® 4 and Pro Model Label Supply

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LabelTac Supply
  • LabelTac Supply
  • LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply
  • LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply
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LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® Pro X, and LabelTac® 9 are on sale through the end of July.

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    LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply

    LabelTac® Indoor/Outdoor Label Supply was designed to be the answer for all your labeling needs. Created from high quality, industrial grade vinyl material, this supply was made to last in harsh environments. Its strong adhesive backing ensures that your labels stay in place, and won’t leave any residue behind upon removal. Rated to last more than five years outdoors and even longer indoors, this supply will hold up to the toughest industrial conditions. It is available in widths from ½” to 4” and is compatible with LabelTac® 4 and Pro X printers.


    Outdoor Life Rating 5+ years
    Optimal Temp. Range -50° to 200°
    Min. Application Temp. 46°
    Thickness 2.8 mil
    • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Min. application temp: 46°F
    • Service temperature range: -50°F to 200°F
    • Resistant to smears, chemicals, UV, and water
    • Shelf life (unused): 1 year

    Fits Compact Desktop Models

    LabelTac® 4, LabelTac® 4 Pro, LabelTac® Pro 2, LabelTac® 4+ and other 4" models.

    Part Numbers

     0.5” x 150’1” x 150’2” x 150’3” x 150’4” x 150’
    Yellow LT0501 LT101 LT201 LT301 LT401
    White LT0502 LT102 LT202 LT302 LT402
    Black LT0503 LT103 LT203 LT303 LT403
    Red LT0504 LT104 LT204 LT304 LT404
    Green LT0505 LT105 LT205 LT305 LT405
    Orange LT0506 LT106 LT206 LT306 LT406
    Blue LT0507 LT107 LT207 LT307 LT407
    Gray LT0508 LT108 LT208 LT308 LT408
    Purple LT0509 LT109 LT209 LT309 LT409
    Brown LT0510 LT110 LT210 LT310 LT410
    Clear LT0511 LT111 LT211 LT311 LT411
    Pink LT0512 LT112 LT212 LT312 LT412
    Gold LT0513 LT113 LT213 LT313 LT413
    Silver Gray LT0514 LT114 LT214 LT314 LT414
    Light Blue LT0515 LT115 LT215 LT315 LT415
    Hi-Vis Pink LT0517 LT117 LT217 LT317 LT417
    Hi-Vis Yellow LT0519 LT119 LT219 LT319 LT419
    Hi-Vis Orange LT0521 LT121 LT221 LT321 LT421
    Hi-Vis Green LT0522 LT122 LT222 LT322 LT422

    To order Indoor/Outdoor with Simple Peel™ backing option, append the part number with -SP. For example, LT405 becomes LT405-SP

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    Product Reviews

    • Works as expected

      Posted by Frank on 10th Aug 2021

      No issues, works as expected

    • Ammonia pipe labels

      Posted by Ruben (ICEMAN) on 18th Jun 2021

      This unit hits the mark well. The labels are forgiving to installation errors. The printer is fast and portable to job site. The label software allowed for ease of customization.

    • Great quality supply

      Posted by Mary Newman on 8th Jun 2021

      Creative Safety Supply have been the best to work with, Craig walked me step by step on how to set up the stickers that we needed for our jobs. We can get our supplies right after we order them, and they are great quality. We used them so far for electrical panels, and they have worked great!

    • Label Supply

      Posted by Sergey Korolev on 8th Jun 2021

      The service your company provides has been always most excellent and appreciated, the products are working great. You are our go to for label supplies and other products.

    • awesome product worth every penny.

      Posted by Brian on 19th Nov 2020

      awesome product worth every penny.

    • Label Supply

      Posted by Randy Frerich on 22nd Jul 2020

      Perfectly packaged. Easy to install.

    • LabelTac

      Posted by Sue Steed on 12th Jun 2020

      I am new at this, but so for I'm liking it!

    • refill labels

      Posted by Geoff Grafton on 5th Jun 2019

      Great product...just so expensive.




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    LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply

    LabelTac 4 and Pro Model Label Supply


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