LabelTac® BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply


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LabelTac® BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply


LabelTac® BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply

The British Standard (BS) 5609 requires that labels submerged in the English Channel must be able to withstand 90 days of submersion and still be legible. If your business must adhere to this standard, LabelTac®’s BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply is your solution for making sure you meet the requirements of this unique standard. This supply was designed to withstand constant exposure to saltwater and other conditions of a marine environment.

Use this material to label packages, barrels, and drums, as well as for a variety of other applications that facilities need if they are located near or will be shipping products on the ocean. BS 5609 Compliant Label Supply ensures that you’ll stay compliant as you’re also able to create customized labels on demand. For GHS labeling applications, see LabelTac® BS 5609 GHS Die-Cut Labels.


Tensile Strength 14,000+ psi
Optimal Temp. Range -28°F to 245°F
Min. Application Temp. 20°F
Thickness 3 mil
  • Designed especially for the BS 5609 requirement
  • Min. application temp: 20°F
  • Service temperature: -28°F to 245°F
  • Shelf life (unused): 1 year
  • Resistant to smears, chemicals, UV, and saltwater

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