LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels

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LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels
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LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels

LabelTacTotem Rack Label Supply is designed to support rack labeling in tightly-packed warehouse environments with multi-level inventory racks. The totem pole labeling design allows you to keep rack labels for high shelving within reach, by stacking otherwise hard-to-scan labels in a vertical “totem” and placing it an easy-to-scan location near the inventory. While the label arrangement makes hard-to-reach rack labels accessible.

Each box is 2" tall and die-cut into peel-able labels based on color selection.  Size of die-cut label depends on how many colors you select per label.

Rack not wide enough?  Want to be able to move these labels more easily?  Labels come with a pre-cut backing material and a 2" x  2" square of double-sided PSA per die cut label.

Compatible with LabelTac 4 and Pro model printers. 


Number of Colors 2 3 4 or 5
Optimal Temp. Range -60°F to 230°F
Min. Application Temp. 42°F
Thickness 5.5 mil
  • Min. Application Temp: 42°F
  • Service Temp: -60°F to 230°F
  • Thickness: 5.5 mil
  • Shelf Life (unused): 1 Year

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LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels

LabelTac® Totem Rack Labels


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