LabelTac® UltraChem Supply

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LabelTac UltraChem Supply
  • LabelTac UltraChem Supply
  • LabelTac UltraChem Supply


When combined with LabelTac® UltraChem Ribbon, this supply allows you to create your own labels that are highly resistant to chemicals, quickly and easily. The supply has a high resistance to heat rubbing and smearing, and it has been tested against water, brake fluid, xylene, paint thinner, MEK, IPA, acetone, ethanol, and more. Ideal applications include pharmaceutical/medical labels, circuit board labels, chemical drum labels, rating labels, and automotive labels. You’ll be able to make essential signage for your facility that won’t fade to harsh chemicals, so your employees can stay safe and receive the information they need. Also includes pressure-sensitive properties that help ensure that the lettering will stay intact and the bond remains strong, even against abrasion. 

This supply is designed to be compatible with LabelTac® Industrial Labeling Systems and the LabelTac® Ultra Chem Ribbon.


  • 100’ per roll
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive and film for durability and enhanced bond longevity
  • Ultra solvent and chemical resistance
  • Min application temperature: 50°F
  • Service temperature range: -40°F to 176°F
  • Meets UL 969 standards and RoHS standards

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Product Reviews

  • Heavy Duty Labels for CNC fixtures, Auto Tapping, and Punch Press Machine

    Posted by Lorenzo L Aguilar on 10th Mar 2022

    This UltraChem Label (LT102UC) allowed our shop to add bright readable labels for our CNC fixtures, Auto Tappers, and Punch Press Machines. These labels can withstand the high-pressure spray lubricant in all of our CNC machines and they are easily readable. They are also resistant to machine oil and grease. No other sticky label on the mark has been able to do this until I found this type of supply. In the past our shop used to scribe on our CNC fixtures now we just add these labels to help our shop quickly find the fixture they need. Without light, it was hard to find and identify our fixtures but now we can spot them from up to 5-10 feet away! The software and installation guide are easy to use! Plus, you can create any type of OSHA-approved label as long as you buy the correct ribbon color and supply label. Hope someone finds this review helpful. Again we only bought the label because it is resistant to most fluids like Acetone and Oils. Plus it survives under high-pressure fluid applications (CNC Machining Area) !

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