Magnetic Supply

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Magnetic Supply
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Magnetic Supply

Need a way to magnetically attach labels to racks, equipment, or other metal surfaces? LabelTac® Magnetic Supply is the perfect way to create removable and re-adherable labels for use in your warehouse, manufacturing floor, and more.


  • 25 ft. per roll
  • Strong Magnetic Backing
  • UV / Water / Chemical / Smear Resistant
  • Works with both LabelTac® 4 and LabelTac® Pro Model Printers

Color Options

Colors on screen are approximate representations. Actual color may vary slightly from display. For material samples, call us at 1-877-356-6584 or email

  •   Yellow
  •   White
  •   Black
  •   Red
  •   Green
  •   Orange
  •   Blue

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Magnetic Supply

Magnetic Supply


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