Tamper-Evident Destructive Die-Cut Supply

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LT0752DEST Tamper Resistant Die Cut
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This unique labeling supply will break into fragments if any type of tampering occurs. Once the labels are fragmented, it’s impossible to reapply them if anyone attempts to hide evidence of tampering. If you have equipment or materials that need to be kept safe, Tamper-Evident Destructive Supply provides an additional level of security to deter unintended recipients or criminals, so you can protect confidential processes. Since it’s die-cut, you’ll be able to peel off labels that have previously been cut into select sizes, making it easier than ever to provide the tamper-evident labels your facility needs.


  • 250 labels per roll
  • Size: 0.75”x2”
  • Easy peel and stick application
  • Resistant to water, chemicals, smears, and UV
  • Labels will fragment upon tampering

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Tamper-Evident Destructive Die-Cut Supply

Tamper-Evident Destructive Die-Cut Supply